Terms and Condition

Terms & Conditions

We are deemed an independent consultant and not an agent or employee of any lending organization.

Loan Application / University Admission application process would be started only after all the registration formalities are duly completed and accepted by BlueFish Global Education.

BlueFish Global Education and their counsellors reserve the right to refuse any request for Loan / Admission or any other service offered by the firm. No further queries would be entertained and BlueFish Global Education would not be, in any case liable for any explanation whatsoever.

All the services offered are for the benefits of the students with sole intention to help them. BlueFish Global Education is not responsible in any way, for any kind of Loss / Damage / Delay or any other inconvenience caused to the students / parents / guardians / family.

Registration fees and/or any other payments / remuneration / contribution / donation or remittance in cash or kind is non-refundable under any circumstances.

BlueFish Global Education bears no responsibility for rejection of any loan application either in India or abroad, and are not liable to submit any reason thereof.

BlueFish Global Education does not take responsibility for any kind of misuse of information and documents, and the Applicant as well as the Co-signer agrees not to hold BlueFish Global Education responsible for the same.

BlueFish Global Education is not responsible for any act of error or omission or context of any fact stated in this web site. The viewer is advised to check all the facts through their own sources.

BlueFish Global Education does not represent, orally, in writing, by implication or otherwise, that it can secure, guarantee otherwise grant loan approval by, or otherwise act in any capacity on behalf of lending organizations.

BlueFish Global Education arranges to provide credit based loan relying on the excellent credit rating of the U.S co-guarantor. There is no physical security / mortgage or margin money either from the U.S co-guarantor or from the student and his / her family. Therefore satisfactory, adequate & sufficient credit rating / credit history of the co-guarantor is extremely necessary. BlueFish Global Education’s loan services / loan sanctions are based on credit worthiness & not only on income limitations. Final loan sanction is dependent on satisfactory & acceptable credit history only.